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Many people are unaware that there are two species of hedgehogs in the Iberian Peninsula. They are similar but distinguishable, and their biological requirements are quite different.

The hedgehog: a protagonist of fables, legends and bestiaries, but also one of the most recognisable wild animals of our fauna. Virtually everyone has seen one hidden among the bushes of private gardens or, in more unfortunate cases, as roadkill. Paradoxically, and despite this widespread familiarity, hedgehogs are still pretty much unknown.

One of this portal's objectives is precisely to provide basic information on both species, while contributing to their conservation and the study of their range, which has not been well characterised yet. To do this, we use encounters with living or dead animals, inevitably found by nature lovers, but often forgotten or lost. Therefore, this initiative should be seen as a collective effort. We have a place and a task for everyone who wishes to participate.

We now have 65 participants and have collected over 1,000 encounters. Thank you, everyone!

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Any encounter or observation you add will bring us one step closer to our ultimate goal: knowing the population status of both species of hedgehog in Catalonia.

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Identification guide

Although the two species of hedgehog have traditionally been named "light" and "dark" in Catalonia, they do not always live up to their names. Be very careful when identifying one...

Meet the hedgehogs

Despite their popularity, we know very little about hedgehogs. Click here to discover what local hedgehogs look like, what they do and where they live.


This project would have never been possible without the help of all the organisations which support us or the participation of all of you.